Can I Get Better Flavor From My E-Juice?

While many vapers love cloud chasing, there are still many more who prefer to get better flavor from their vape. So, how can you maximize the flavor of your e-juice? What are the top tips? Here, we look at some things you can try to improve your vaping experience.


Change Your Temperature And Wattage

One of the easiest ways that you can get a better flavor from your e-juice is to adjust the settings of your device. The various elements of your e-liquid will become apparent at different settings since each flavoring vaporizes at a different temperature. The settings you choose will determine the heat of your coil and therefore if you have a variable wattage/voltage device you can try to find the right setting for you. Start low and work up until you find the perfect taste for you. Of course it will be different for every flavor, so experimentation is the key.

Reduce Airflow

Cloud chasers maximize their airflow to get more vapor, however this reduces the amount of flavor your experience. If you want better flavor, close the airflow a little for a warmer, denser, more flavorsome vape. Take care, however, not to close it off too much, since this may well cause poor vapor production and vapor that is too hot. Again, start low and work up to find a good balance.

Choose The Right Atomizer

choosing the right tankThe kind of atomizer you use has a major role to play in getting good flavor. The best performing atomizer is a sub ohm tank, whereas a top coil clearomizer generally produces poor flavor. The key is to choose a small bore coil wherever possible however they can be hard to find. For the best possible experience, you’ll need an RBA, however these are quite hands-on and you’ll need to learn how to make your own coils.

Coil And Wick Materials

Your choice of wick material has a major effect on your flavor. Japanese organic cotton is the material of choice as it produces a clean flavor whilst also wicking extremely well. Alternatively, ceramic wicks last a long time and produce a good flavor too. Kanthal is the best coil material for a natural and clean e-juice flavor, however nickel is another suitable alternative.

High PG Juice

More concentrated flavors are mixed in PG as this leads to better flavor, however too high ratio of PG will lead to harshness on the throat. A 50:50 ratio is probably ideal, however if you want more flavor, you can try up to 70% PG to see if it works for you.

Airflow Hole Position

Airflow hole position is important, with under coil holes being the best choice for improved flavor.


You need to keep your tank, coil and wick clean if you want to enjoy the best flavor. Although rinsing the wick or changing the coil every time you change e-juices might be a bit excessive, cleaning and changing every couple of days is ideal for maximizing your experience.

Vaper’s Tongue

vapers tongueWhile there are many things you can do to your device to improve flavor, you might want to think about whether you have flavor fatigue. If you tend to stick to similar tastes, switch to something different for a while, or suck lemons, smell coffee beans or drink a glass of water to reset the palate.

Take Care Of Your E-Juice

If you store your e-juice incorrectly, the flavor can deteriorate over time. Store your e-liquids away from light and heat and make sure that they aren’t exposed to open air. You could try steeping your e-juices too to see if the flavor is improved.

Follow these tips and you could well find that you get more enjoyment from your vape.

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